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So what products can we offer wholesale


There are generally two main reasons a retailer chooses this option over making for themselves. 

  1. The Retailer may not have the time to make the products they require. If they don’t have the time to make the products they certainly won’t have the time to start the trialing and testing process from scratch.  It can take around a year to bring a range of products to market once you have done all the legal and safety requirements.
  2. Financial… Ingredients over the past 3 years have almost quadrupled in cost yet the market retail on these products has certainly not risen  At most product retail has only risen around 10% to 20%.  asides from this the whole process of testing and trialing are expensive.  Before the recent price rises the average Candle maker would spend £1000 to complete all testing so they could bring good quality, safe and legal products to the market.  In the case of Bath Cosmetics, all products must have a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR). where a cosmetic chemist assessed the recipes and adjusts them in line with legal and safe allowances and provides a full report. These are not only expensive as required for every product but also time-consuming as must be reported to the government portal. 


So as you can see buying Wholesale Candles, Soaps, Wax melts and more is often a more cost-effective alternative.  Especially when buying from someone like ourselves with almost a decade of experience and a proven repeat retail and wholesale customer base.

So what can we offer?

We currently offer Candles in a range of vessels, sizes and scents, Wax Melts, Soaps, Carpet Fresh and Bath Salts. We will be bringing our Shampoo Bars to our Wholesale Customers in 2023 plus we are working on bringing more of our range to our Wholesale Market. 


We accept Wholesale orders via Faire, Ankorstore and via our website. 

To order Via Faire or Ankorstore please complete the form below and we will send you the direct links.  Please DO NOT search our business manually as this deducts large commission from our sales.

To order via our Website please complete the form below as our Wholesale Products are Password Protected.

What is your minimum order?

 We currently have a low minimum order of just £100.  Please note… Shipping is invoiced separately at cost once order is ready to ship.


Some of our clients would like candles made using their own unique oils in their own unique vessels and of course, we are able to accommodate this.  We will carry out all the testing required and provide you with your finished Candles/Melts/Diffusers ready to bring to market.

Again simply fill out the form below with as much information as possible and we will be happy to discuss this with you further.