Scented Carpet Fresh Shaker bottle. 5 fragrances



Multiple uses.

Carpet, mattress, food waste caddy, trainers.

Refill pouch available

5 fragrances

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Where would I use Scented Carpet Fresh Shaker Bottle.

The versatile Scented Carpet Fresh Shaker Bottle can be used in so many ways.

Pop some into trainers that may not smell so great and leave overnight.

Sprinkle some on your mattress when changing bedding..

Leave for 30 minutes and vacuum off for a fabulously fresh scent when you pull back the duvet to get in.

Sprinkle some on rugs or carpets and leave for up to 1 hour before vacuuming off.

Food waste caddy a but pongy?. Sprinkle some of our freshener in and hey presto.


Is the Scented Carpet Fresh Shaker Bottle ok to use around my pets?

Although there are no specific ingredients that are known to be of any danger to pets we are unable to categorically state that it’s is safe to ALL pets as some may have their own specific allergens.

There is no allergen testing required legally for pet products, unlike for humans so we are therefore not comfortable saying ALL pets will be fine.  After all I Allergic to beetroot. But it doesn’t make beetroot a toxic item.

We do suggest keeping pets away from the treated area until it is vacuumed back up to air on the side.of caution .

My Shaker Bottle is now empty. Can you refill?

The shaker bottle is one of the few plastic items we sell but this is because it is a refillable product so has no need to go into landfill.

We have a refill pouch you can purchase HERE.

What is the label on the shaker bottle?

This is a CLP label. It tells you of any allergens that may be triggered.

Read more on CLP HERE




Contains 500g

Additional information


Laundry Fresh, Rose Oud, Lemon Lavender, Spa, Cucumber &Watermelon, Refresh


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