Apothecary Reed Diffuser with Flower Reed. Highly Scented. 13 Fragrances. 100ml

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Tell me more about your Highly Scented Flower Reed Diffuser.

Each Apothecary style bottle contains 100ml of fabulous fragrance.  Our Highly Scented Flower Reed Diffusers come with a pack of 25 Rattan Reeds and one Flower reed.

My Bottle is empty, what now?

There is no need to purchase another Highly Scented Flower Reed Diffuser unless of course you wanted to.  You should have plenty of reed still left from your last bottle. Of course we sell refill bottles.

Check out our range of Diffuser refills here.

Each refill contains 100ml.

How many reeds should I place in the bottle.

We suggest starting with 6 reeds in our highly scented flower reed diffusers.   If this produces too much scents they remove 1 or 2 reeds.  If the scent is not strong enough ad an extra couple of reeds until you get the desired result. Turn your reeds once a week.

We also sell replacement reeds .  We sell two types.  The rattan reeds shown in this listing and also Black Fibre Reeds


Are Reed Diffusers safe around my children or pets?

The highly scented flower reed diffusers themselves are safe however individuals may have specific allergies to some ingredients.  All our diffusers come with a CLP that highlights any ALLERGENS that MAY be triggered.

Learn more about CLP here. 


How long will my Highly Scented Flower Reed Diffuser last.

A difficult one to answer as many factors come in to play.

The diffuser works by scent being distributed through the warm air.  so if the heating is on, bottle is near a radiator or in direct sunlight or has lots of reeds in then of course it will evaporate and disperse a lot faster.

Our tests have shown 10 to 14 weeks is the bracket we would expect to see.




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Rose Oud, Lemon Lavender, Manhattan Heights, Nag Champa, Strawberry Rhubarb, Blueberry Vanilla, Baccarat Rouge, Odalisque, Number 5, Laundry Fresh, Chicago, Pear & Freesia, Thai Lime and Mango, Pear & Freesia, Cherry Amaretto, Orient, Citrus Blast, Eden


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