Handmade Artisan Vegan Soap Slice. Zero Waste. 15 Fragrances

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Vegan soap

eco soap

made in wales

Handmade soap

Artisan Soap

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Why are people moving back to Handmade Artisan Vegan Soap Slices?

With Everyone trying their best to reduce their plastic waste and be kinder to the planet so has the increase in Soap Slices been on the rise.

Our Handmade Artisan Vegan Soap Slice can be used as a hand soap, but we are finding it increasing being used to replace shower gel.  Whether your use the soap direct, on a loofah or as we prefer in a Soap Saver Bag.

We have two soap saver bags currently stocked and soft Bamboo Silk and an exfoliating Sisal. Both are 100% Natural.

Are all the soaps safe for my skin?

We have all our Handmade Artisan vegan Soap SLices Cosmetically Assessed by a Cosmetic Chemist. He has then provided us with a Cosmetic Product Safety Report ( CPSR).  This means we can legally and safely bring our soap to market.

Read more about what a CPSR is here.

Do you use Fragrance Oils or Essential Oils?

We actually use both. The essential oil soaps are marked as essential oil.  However many of our fragrance oils also contain essential oils such as our Lemon Lavender which contains both lemon and lavender essential oils.  Both Fragrance oils and Essential oils can trigger allergens.  Allergens are only harmful to the person with a sensitivity to that particular allergen/ingredient and are perfectly fine for everyone else.  The ingredients label for each of our Handmade Artisan Vegan Soap Slices will appear when you choose a fragrance from the drop down menu.

Where are your Soaps Made?

All our products are made in our workshop in South Wales, Our Handmade Artisan Vegan Soap  in small batches using a mix of only the highest quality fragrance and essential oils.

Our Handmade Artisan Vegan Soaps use the best quality  UK manufactured  ingredients keeping to our pledge to reduce our carbon footprint.




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Coconut, Strawberry Rhubarb, Snow Fairie, Dark Amber, Parma Violet, Saváge, Baccarat Rouge, Lemon Lavender, sweet Orange Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, May Change Essential Oil, Rose ageranium Essential Oil, Truly Patchouli, Number 5

2 reviews for Handmade Artisan Vegan Soap Slice. Zero Waste. 15 Fragrances

  1. Vicki Cole (verified owner)

    I really struggled with soap drying my skin out but since using this my skin is soft and moisturised. I never use any other soap now.

  2. Iwona (verified owner)

    I’ve bought every single scent in this soap range several times over. The smells are gorgeous, soothing, refreshing, relaxing all in equal measure. The soap doesn’t turn to mush like some of the big brands which means that my kitchen sink and bathroom basin stay sludge and scum-free. And of course the product is vegan which makes everything about it perfect.

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