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About us

 White Light @ Home is your one stop shop for all things Home Fragrance and Bath Cosmetics.

If you are looking for a gift idea for yourself or a loved one we have something to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether it be Handmade Vegan Ecological Candles, Artisan Soap, Botanical Bath Salts, Shampoo Bars, Solid Lotion Bars,Highly Scented Diffusers and so much more we can help.

All our products are made by hand, using only the best UK manufactured materials on the market.  We manufacture everything, from Our Candles and Wax Melts to Our Artisan Soaps and Shampoo Bars ourselves in our  small workshop in South Wales, where all care is taken to ensure every product we make is lovingly made to perfection.  Keeping our production to small batches helps us to ensure this happens.  We pride ourselves on the Highest quality affordable Candles, Melts, Shampoo Bars and Artisan Soaps on the market.  No frills just great quality. 

Having been vegetarian for 40 years now it was imperative  that the business was built on the beliefs I felt strongly about and that brought about a business with a caring and ecological conscience. With everything down to the labels and even ink used being  Cruelty Free.

Our Products are  Vegan, Cruelty Free and Plastic Free, and where a British ingredient is available we use British materials which means that over 90% of the materials we use are manufactured here in the UK meaning we are doing our bit for the planet by lowering our footprint.

Whether looking to order Retail or Wholesale we are able to help you.

Our Founder…..

White Light @ Home was founded when I (Hannah) retired from the Armed Forces after I found working for civilian companies so unfamiliar it was causing severe anxiety.  This may sound odd as most would assume a job in the Armed Forces would cause anxiety over a civilian, non pressured job.  But for me, this wasn’t the case.  The uniformity of the Armed forces, and discipline was calming for me.  This is when I decided to turn my then hobby of Candle Making into a business.  

So more about Me …….
Well I adore history specifically royal history and military history.  History is something I have found joy in over the past decade and only wish I had the time to study it more.  

I live in a Victorian Villa which we are slowly renovating. I love interior design so this is giving me a great opportunity to indulge in another passion of mine.  

I am married to a retired Royal Engineer and have two now grown up sons and anyone that knows me even remotely knows my love for cats.  My life truly wouldn’t be complete without cats. 

Rosie we adopted from Cats Protection and Lila we adopted from a charity in Saudi that reached out to me (I knew a volunteer there). Both girls bring me more joy and happiness than I can begin to explain.

So that’s a little about me,  Feel free to follow White Light @ Home on Social
Media to learn more about me, the progress of our renovation project, my fur babies and of course more about our products including New Product releases. 

There's something really relaxing about pouring candles out and watching them set.
This is me, Hannah. If you see me at markets locally please do come say hi.
Lila & Rosie enoying one last look out of the old windows before the window fitters came to replace them.